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Papa George's Recipes

100% All Natural Sage Sausage

Natural Pork Sausage Papa George’s Sage Pork Sausage Rolls are fast becoming one of the most popular items on the Papa George’s menu. The sage flavor combines delicious pork flavor with sage, an herb that is used to enhance the flavor of meat, which adds a warm and smooth taste. Like all of Papa George’s sausage products, sage pork sausage rolls are 100% all natural, without MSGs, preservatives, or fillers. This provides our customers with confidence that you are feeding a healthy product to your family!

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A Guide to Healthy Eating

Papa Georges ProductsWe all know how difficult is to be a healthy eater and maintain this discipline long term and for your entire family. With a fast food restaurant at every turn, and more responsibility and evening activities than ever, you may feel like it is sometimes just easier to stop on the way home for dinner instead of preparing a meal.

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Understanding Food Labels

Papa George’s Products are All NaturalPapa George’s products are all natural, preservative free, and MSG free. So what does that really even mean? Too often, companies try to fool you with gimmicks and big words. Then, you look on the label and see ingredients that you can’t pronounce and items that indeed, are terrible for you! So at Papa George’s, we thought it was time to explain what our food labels really mean and how our products should be on your dinner table at every meal!

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Embrace Taste (Even in a Rush)

Savor TasteFood should do more than just provide us with the nutrition and energy we need to live. Food goes well beyond mere sustenance to become something that is savored, relished and around which many memories are made.

Reality is, other than for special occasions, most of us don’t often have or take the time to plan elaborate meals. We’re happy to get food on the table between events, activities or other responsibilities.
That doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice taste.

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Delicious Breakfast Sausage


Orange juice…check!


Papa George’s All Natural Sausage…check!

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