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Breakfast Sausage

Cinnamon Easter Egg Bake | Papa George’s

Maple Easter Egg BakeHaving a hearty breakfast while feasting with family this Easter Sunday couldn’t be more perfect with the help of this delicious dish including Papa George’s 100% Natural Maple Pork Sausage. This wonderful addition delivers such sublime tastes, your mouth will surly salivate while in the oven. Don’t be surprised if this homemade Cinnamon Easter Egg Bake with the delicious Papa George’s 100% natural pork sausage is a new Easter tradition!

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Quality Pork Sausage for Breakfast

Sausage for Breakfast RecipesWe’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” So, does that mean if we eat cake for breakfast we will be sweet? Does it mean that if we guzzle down a glass of champagne, we will be bubbly? No, let’s go with the alternative. If you only eat cake, your personality doesn’t get sweet, but your blood sugar may rise. If you guzzle down champagne, you may get a little too bubbly and begin to slur your words.

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