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Hot Sausage

100% All Natural Sausage

5 Flavors of Natural Pork SausageHave you ever tasted a dish and just said, “Hmmm…something is missing.” Whether it’s a breakfast quiche or a spaghetti meatball dinner, that “something” is not hard to add! If your meals feel like they are missing that special flavor, it’s time to add Papa George’s 100% natural sausage to your meals! Papa George’s offers a variety of pork products, lamb products and other quality products made from 100% all natural ingredients.

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Holiday Sausage

Quality Pork Sausage‘Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la…Happy holidays to everyone that enjoys the delicious Papa George’s Sausage! There is something about this time of year that screams, “SAUSAGE!” It is in so many different recipes, and can really make or break your next holiday party. While everyone plans out their holiday grocery shopping lists, let’s not forget to order Papa George’s 100% natural pork sausage!

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