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Our family of All Natural Reduced Fat Papa George’s pork sausage rolls and links are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They provide convenience and offer the delicious fresh flavors needed in your home cooking. Papa George’s All Natural pork sausage rolls and links contain no MSG, no preservatives and no fillers. We solely use the finest lean quality cuts of meat, and the taste is not compromised by the 55% fat reduction when compared to regular pork sausage.

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Papa George's Pure Ground Lamb Products


Papa George’s ground lamb has delicate taste and natural flavor. It is guaranteed to be 85% lean with high grade and premium quality. No salt, spices or solutions are added to the ground lamb. It is manufactured from fresh, not previously frozen, pure American lamb. Quick freezing is applied to lock in the natural flavors of this delicate meat. Papa George ground lamb is excellent in burgers, meat loafs, hot dishes, pies, sausages and as stuffing or crumbled in traditional or contemporary recipes.

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Papa George's Prepared Food Products


When we get busy in life it’s easy to option for unhealthy fast foods. Papa George’s provides the busy family with quick alternatives that are much healthier than fast food. With several quickly heated healthy options the entire family can enjoy, Papa George’s prepared foods are a perfect meal choice for your family!

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