Sausage for Breakfast RecipesWe’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” So, does that mean if we eat cake for breakfast we will be sweet? Does it mean that if we guzzle down a glass of champagne, we will be bubbly? No, let’s go with the alternative. If you only eat cake, your personality doesn’t get sweet, but your blood sugar may rise. If you guzzle down champagne, you may get a little too bubbly and begin to slur your words. “You are what you eat” can mean lots of things over time. When you choose what you put in your mouth every day, it can make an impact over time! Sausage for breakfast is an American classic. We recommend that you start the morning better, with a healthier sausage choice! Papa George’s quality pork sausage will make you okay with the infamous “you are what you eat” phrase. Who doesn’t love lean sausage?

Healthier Sausage Choice

Before we go any further, we feel like it is vital for you to know that not all sausage is good for you. Most sausage at your grocery store contains lots of fat from pork that may contain fillers and preservatives. Papa George’s is different. All of our pork products are all natural and contain no MSG, no preservatives, and no fillers. We are very particular about the pork we use and want to be sure that each customer is receiving the highest quality of pork sausage possible. Our all natural pork contains 55% less fat than the U.S.D.A. data for regular pork sausage. This means that instead of 28 grams of fat in your sausage, you are only receiving 12. In order to start the morning better, Papa George’s offers a healthier sausage choice.

5 Sausage Flavors

If you are what you eat, then it’s time to bring some variety to your personality! Papa George’s offers 5 sausage flavors: Regular, Sage, Hot, Maple and Italian. We have several online recipes for each flavor so that no one gets bored with the same old thing. From Papa George’s biscuits and gravy to Papa George’s egg bake, each of our 5 sausage flavors can be incorporated to your breakfast as a healthier sausage choice!

Start the morning better with Papa George’s all natural pork sausage. If you are what you eat, then we are proud to be lean, all natural, sausage eating machines!

Find Papa George’s Products at Hy-Vee, Cub Foods and Super One Stores throughout the Midwest or order your healthier sausage choice today online through our website and be ready to start the morning off right, any day of the week!