Papa George’s is a locally owned and operated business out of Minnesota and growing throughout the Midwest. There are many amazing culinary choices that are offered through our meat company, including pork, lamb and gyros! This time we are going over the delicious Three Meat Quesadilla. Such a delightful, yet hardy dish while remaining easily capable for anyone to make at home (even with little helping hands):Sausage Recipes

Quesadilla Ingredients

First off we started by rounding up all the necessary ingredients. The legendary Papa George’s Original 100% natural pork complemented the dish so well it was hard saying no to one more bite. Teaming up with roasted chicken, no beans Hormel chili, Mexican style shredded cheese, and taco seasoning all in between two tasty tortilla soft shells.

Sausage Quesadilla

Ready to be Heated

Layering the Quesadilla

After getting the ingredients together and the hot plate is ready we used our bottom tortilla as a base to begin building an amazing three meat quesadilla. Starting off with Hormel chili as the foundation of the quesadilla. Before we added the superb shredded cheese we browned Papa George’s original flavor sausage, then added the roasted chicken. Browning Papa George’s mouthwatering sausage and purchasing freshly cooked chicken we were able to confidently cook the quesadilla and enjoy it safely and cut the preparation time way down. Depending on your quesadilla maker will determine how long to cook the delicious dish so an easy and trusted way to keep an eye is to check the cheese if it has fully melted and the tortilla shells are touched with a light brown and cooked texture.

Sausage Quesidilla Recipe

Cut, Top, Garnish and Serve

Time to Dine

Once the quesadilla is finished cooking the serving is in order. We began to carefully cut the quesadilla almost like a pizza style, it is a very low mess and easy way to eat the incredible meal. Putting additional food or sauce on the side used for dipping, complements the ingredients in a full flavor explosion in your mouth. We used sour cream, fresh organic tomatoes, lettuce, and chunky salsa to enjoy our remarkable homemade plate of a magnificent and nutritious dinner.

Three Meat Quesadilla with Sausage

Recipe in the Books

Tasting the plethora of essences made our whole family’s stomachs satisfied and put a smile on our faces. With the help of Papa George’s 100% Natural meat this meal was one for the record books when it comes to taste, price, and all around easy to make ability simply an undeniable option for the near future! Papa George’s is available for ordering online, come check us out if you are looking to live healthier and tickle your taste buds!

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