5 Flavors of Natural Pork SausageHave you ever tasted a dish and just said, “Hmmm…something is missing.” Whether it’s a breakfast quiche or a spaghetti meatball dinner, that “something” is not hard to add! If your meals feel like they are missing that special flavor, it’s time to add Papa George’s 100% natural sausage to your meals!  Papa George’s offers a variety of pork products, lamb products and other quality products made from 100% all natural ingredients.

Our Sausage is Better Than Yours

We don’t mean to be sore winners about this, but we just have to be honest. Our sausage is a better quality product than lower grade sausages you may see on your grocery shelves. Every sausage roll and link made by Papa George’s contains no MSG, no preservatives, and has no fillers in it. We pride ourselves on being the best because we only use the finest quality cuts of meat. This means that we never have to compromise taste for fat reduction. While all the natural flavors of sausage are packed into our meat, we still rave that our 100% natural sausage features 55% less fat than U.S.D.A. data for regular pork sausage. By only using the finest lean quality cuts of meat, we reduce our pork from 28 grams of fat to only 12 grams.

Get Your Roll On

Our pork sausage comes in a variety of patty roll flavors. Every single flavor is packed with deliciousness while also holding a healthier alternative to the U.S.D.A data of regular pork sausage!

  • Regular: Packed with all the natural flavor you need, our regular pork sausage is perfect for patties in the morning, meatballs, toppings and whatever else you are thinking about cooking!
  • Sage: This flavor gives any entree a gourmet taste. It is excellent in party dips, egg dishes, stuffing and dressing.
  • Hot: Looking for a gluten free pizza night? All of our sausages are gluten free but our hot flavor takes the cake on being a phenomenal pizza topping. Hot flavor works well with tomato based sauces like lasagna, pizza, and spaghetti.
  • Maple: For the love of everything good in the world, please try the deliciousness that is the maple pork patty roll sausage. Its smooth taste and gentle aroma will make any houseguest’s toes curl in excitement for breakfast!
  • Italian: While it’s not hot or mild, it is insanely bold and flavorful! This is perfect for any pasta dish, entree, and/or appetizer! No one regrets trying the italian pork patty roll!

No matter what Papa George’s flavor sausage you choose, you are choosing the best quality pork sausage on the market. Available online and at select Hy-vee and Cub stores near you! Try Papa George’s 100% all natural sausage today!