Healthy Prepaired FoodsDo you feel like you are on the go from the minute you get up in the morning until the time you lay your head down at night to go to sleep? This fast paced lifestyle is becoming more common because of so many obligations that individuals commit to. If you and your family are running all over town most days, what are you doing for meals? Although fast food may be enticing and easy, relying on this type of food regularly is not very healthy. At Paga George’s, we offer delicious prepared foods that are healthy and tasty! Don’t let your busy lifestyle cause you to eat poorly. If you have growing kids, taking the extra step to invest in healthy foods with less fat can go a long way.

Quick Meal Options

Looking for something quick and easy to hand off to your kids each morning as they leave for school? Consider Papa George’s fully cooked and real scrambled egg patties to start off the morning. Coming home on your lunch break to let out the dogs? Throw one of our gyros kits in the microwave and enjoy fully cooked chicken or beef and lamb meat as a healthy lunch option. In between practices in the evening? Hand your kids a quick sandwich filled with our mouth-watering beef and lamb combination. If you are looking for a little extra flavor for your meats, we offer a fresh cucumber sauce, which is fat and cholesterol free, and is a wonderful source of calcium.

Nutritional Benefits of Papa George’s All Natural Prepared Foods

All products sold by our team at Papa George’s are all natural and reduced fat. Additionally, no preservatives, unnecessary fats or artificial flavorings are added into our premium meats. We have mastered the ability to maintain the highest level of flavor, while still being able to offer healthy food options on the go or at your home.

Let’s be honest. Your hectic lifestyle is not going to change anytime soon. Your obligations will continue to pile up, and that’s ok. Grab a hold of your food options on the go and steer you and your family away from relying on fast food. Instead, rely on our team at Papa George’s to provide you with healthy meal options on the go. Try one of our prepared meal options available at your nearby Hy-Vee or Cub stores, as well as online through our website,