5 Flavors of Natural Pork SausageThis past holiday season, many homes were filled with all types of different and delicious sausage meals. Families enjoyed the classic “sausage rolls” with Papa George’s 100% natural hot flavored pork sausage roll. Mixed with cheese and Bisquick, it was a nice appetizer that added a little kick with each bite! For some customers, sage sausage added a nice smooth and mellow taste to one of many infamous dips made every year. Mixed with cream cheese, salsa and delicious corn chips, this sausage dip will knock the socks off of your guests during any get- together any time of year! There is always something special about having delicious maple sausage in the morning with breakfast. It can be the perfect start to special days with family! Then, mixing our regular and Italian flavored sausages for an unforgettable italian spaghetti sauce after the holidays are over is the perfect meal to get you ready for the New Year.

No matter what time of year it is, sausage is good for any type of get together you may be having for friends and family. Pork sausage doesn’t always have the best reputation for being lean but with Papa George’s 5 pork sausage flavors, you can feel confident about the sausage you are putting in your mouth!

Regular Flavor Sausage

This flavor is rich in original sausage taste. Children love its natural flavor and it can compliment any meal from sausage patties to meatballs.

Sage Sausage Flavor

This smooth and mellow sage taste can bring delight to anyone’s stomach. It is exceptionally tasty with egg dishes, in stuffing and within dressing.

Hot Sausage Flavor

This sausage adds a delicious zest to any meal! We like to think of it as “comfortably hot.” Meaning that it’s not going to send you sticking your tongue into a bowl of water, but it will help to add zest to an otherwise ordinary meal.

Maple Flavored Sausage

There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh maple sausage being cooked in the kitchen. This smooth tasting treat can be integrated into any dish and can also be served alone! Perfect for fall and winter mornings.

Italian Flavor Sausage

If you are looking to experience true italian flair without flying to Europe, eating our italian style sausage is the way to go! It’s incredibly flavorful and offers true authenticity in taste.

Our sausage is all natural, msg, preservative and gluten free and has 55% less fat than U.S.D.A data shows for regular pork sausage. It’s time to order one or all of our fantastic 5 pork sausage flavors today! Order online at //www.papageorges.com/our-products/pork/ and come taste what you’ve been missing out on!