premium quality sausage and lamb productsUnfortunately, some meat products have gotten a bad name for being unhealthy. Sausage and lamb specifically can be fatty, greasy and full of artificial flavorings. Papa George’s, a family owned company, took notice of this negative connotation around sausage and lamb, and developed premium quality sausage and lamb products that are actually healthy! Our team at Papa George’s is committed to offering food that allows you to enjoy the food you eat, in a more healthy way.

Key Features of Our Meat

  • All Natural – Our lamb and sausage products are all natural thanks to the fact that there are no preservatives, MSG’s, hydrogenated fats or artificial flavoring enhancements.
  • Reduced Fat – Our meat is lean and doesn’t come with all of that unnecessary fat that is not healthy. In fact, our pork sausage has 55 percent less fat than U.S.D.A data for regular pork sausage.
  • Natural Spices – At Papa George’s, we have mastered the ability to create delicious and fresh flavors with all natural ingredients. Depending on your taste buds, we are sure to have a flavor that makes your mouth water.
  • Gluten Free – If you have a gluten allergy, no need to worry as our meats do not include any grains.

Pork and Lamb Options

When it comes to sausage patty rolls, Papa George’s offers 5 distinct sausage flavors including regular, sage, hot, maple and italian. Additionally, we offer reduced fat pork sausage links in original, italian and maple flavors for those people that would rather have links. Another healthy option is lamb. Our ground lamb products are guaranteed to be 85% lean and do not contain any additional salt or spices. This never frozen option is available as 100% pure american ground lamb, sandwich meat or within our gyros kits. If you live life on the go, we’ve got options for you as well! Try our delicious prepared foods including scrambled egg patties, ethnic gyros kits or our chicken gyros kits. If you are interested in healthier sausage and lamb options but don’t know where to start, Papa George’s has you covered. Simply visit our website,, and try one of the many recipes available for appetizers, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Find our Premium Pork and Lamb Meat at multiple Hy-Vee Locations, Cub Foods, Super One Grocery Stores or just buy it in bulk through our website and keep it at hand in your freezer.

Say goodbye to the fatty sausage and lamb products that you get from the local fast food restaurant. Now is the time to take control of your health and invest in premium quality sausage and lamb from Papa George’s. Shop on our website or email today if you have any questions about our healthier meat options with sausage and lamb.