Ground Lamb ProductsLamb is known across the world for being a delicacy meat. Not just because it tastes delicious and is packed with natural flavors, but it also contains a lot of vital essentials that our bodies need! Thankfully, you no longer have to search and search for good quality lamb anymore! Papa George’s has taken this delicacy meat and packaged it perfectly so that you can enjoy it within your own home!

Nutritional Components of Lamb

Papa George’s pure American ground lamb is guaranteed to be 85% lean with high grade and premium quality meat. In general, lamb is one of the richest sources of digestible proteins. While there is some fat content to lamb, because our lambs are grass fed, approximately 40% of the fat is monounsaturated. This specific type of fat has been known to decrease the risk of heart disease. Along with being leaner and healthier than most red meats, lamb is packed with vitamins and minerals that promote good health. Vitamin B12 helps to support the metabolic processes in the body. Zinc helps improve the immune systems. The iron in one serving of lamb is about 20% of your daily recommended value and helps to produce energy and fight infections. Lastly, selenium helps to boost the immune system while also promoting liver health and protection against other cancers.

Choosing Papa George’s Lamb

We do nothing halfway here at Papa George’s. All of our meats here are 100% organic and pure. Our lambs range freely and graze on the natural grasses in the American Midwest. We believe in conservation, sustainable farming and eco-friendly management. When we pack our meat it is always manufactured fresh. We add no salt, spices or solutions because the natural flavor is delicious enough! We perform quick freezing to preserve all of these natural flavors so that when you receive your product, it still tastes fresh!

Lamb is such a versatile meat and can be used in almost anything! We use it for burgers, meatloaves, hot dishes, pies, sausages, and even in stuffing. Whether you are looking to crumble it into a traditional recipe or utilize it in a contemporary recipe, Papa George’s 100% pure American ground lamb should be the only product you use! Packed with protein, high in vitamins and minerals, and providing every consumer with all eight essential amino acids during every bite, you just can’t go wrong with lamb. Papa George’s lamb products are sold both online and in select Hy-Vee and Cub grocery stores.

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