Sausage PattiesThere’s something about sausage in the morning that just sets the day. While breakfast in bed is good, breakfast in bed with Papa George’s sausage is GREAT! Sausage can be a staple in almost any dish. It is the key ingredient and gives all dishes that “special” flavor that only sausage can provide. Unfortunately, many store bought brands of sausages are packed with unhealthy and distasteful ingredients. If you want to experience all natural, delicious breakfast sausage, Papa George’s has got you covered!

The Downfall of Market Sausage

Large companies do their best to squeeze a dollar out of a penny. We feel like sausage can sometimes be known for not being healthy. Well, here’s why: most store bought sausages are not healthy! If you look on the package of some sausages at stores, you can see that it is packed with fillers. MSG, sodium nitrate, and high fructose corn syrup dominates the sausage isle along with other unusual ingredients that no one can pronounce. Unfortunately, these brands seem to give everyone a false sense of what sausage truly is and how it can actually be very good for you!

Papa George’s Sausage: All that is Good

Papa George’s all natural pork sausage is an excellent way to enjoy the breakfast foods you eat and not feel guilty about what you are putting into your mouth. We offer both sausage rolls in a variety of flavors, along with our delicious sausage links. Our all natural sausage products contain no MSG, no preservatives, and no fillers. Why? Because we simply don’t need it! We use the finest lean quality cuts of meat and pack when it is fresh so that we are sealing all of the natural and delicious flavors. Because we use only the leanest of meats, our sausage has 55% less fat than the U.S.D.A. data for regular pork sausage. The best part is, the flavor does not suffer!

Breakfast Sausage Flavors

There are so many ways to do breakfast this day in age. Whether you are going for a simple tasting of the meat or trying to spice it up with our Hot flavor, Papa George’s has you covered! Our flavor options include:

  • Regular
  • Sage
  • Hot
  • Maple
  • Italian

Not only can you buy our sausage online but it is now available in stores too! Put down the sausage filled with byproduct and pick up Papa George’s all natural breakfast sausage the next time you are at select Cub and Hy-Vee locations. Enjoy your breakfast sausage and stop feeling guilty about it! For more information, please visit us online at