Chicken GyrosSick of the same old meals every day? Looking for an easy way to spice up your meals at home for your family? Lucky for you, and thanks to a partnership with Cub Foods, it has never been easier to get your hands on a premium quality chicken gyro kit from Papa George’s. That’s right! Beginning February 8, 2016, you will be able to purchase our Papa George’s chicken gyro kits at all Cub Foods location.

Healthy On-The-Go Food Option

With the speed in which many of us tackle our day, there are times when we feel like we don’t even have enough time to eat. Transporting your children from one practice to another or finishing a twelve hour shift at work can be downright exhausting. The last thing you want to do after a long day is spend another 30 minutes to an hour preparing food. The issue then becomes finding a healthy option that is quick. Papa George’s took notice that there are not many healthy on-the-go food options on the market, and decided to change that! Next time you are shopping at your local Cub Foods, don’t forget to pick up one of our premium quality chicken gyro kits and give it a try.

A healthier way to buy, thaw, heat & eat!

Chicken Gyros Apart from the Rest

Frozen Gyros with ChickenMany of the frozen meal options that you can pop in the microwave are not very healthy. Thanks to our commitment to all natural products, we at Papa George’s have developed a unique meal option for those individuals that live life on the go! Not only do our chicken gyro kits pack a big punch of flavor, but you also get 6 chicken gyro as well as pita bread in one kit, which makes this an easy family meal. Other characteristics that help set us apart from your other quick eating options include:

  • MSG Free
  • No Preservatives
  • All Natural
  • Authentic Fat-free Greek Yogurt Cucumber Sauce

By purchasing Papa George’s chicken gyro kits from any Cub Foods location beginning February 8th, 2016, you now have a healthy meal option that allows you to keep up with your families fast paced lifestyle. Enjoy our chicken gyro slices with cucumber sauce & pita bread on-the-go. To purchase your first kit, visit your local frozen section at Cub Foods or visit today; be sure to give the gyro kit some time to thaw. Once your family tastes this very lean and fully cooked meal option, you will be wondering why you didn’t try our premium quality chicken gyro earlier!