5 Flavors of Natural Pork SausageThe term healthy may not be the first word that comes to mind for many when they hear the word “pork.” Pork is more known for its delicious flavor. What if you were able to get the same amount of flavor as the less healthy pork options out on the market, but in a much healthier form? Well, you can achieve this by giving premium quality pork sausage from Papa George’s a try. Papa George made it a point to create a healthier option for those that love using pork in their meals. Pork is such a diverse food item that it can be used in breakfast, lunch and even dinner recipes. Let 2016 be the year that you decide to offer healthier meal options for you and your family, using all natural pork sausage from Papa George’s.

Papa George’s On Top

When comparing Papa George’s against other pork competition, the following key features set our pork apart from the rest:

  • Less Fat – Papa George’s premium quality pork has 55% less fat than U.S.D.A data shows for regular pork sausage. Our team has been able to reduce the fat down to 12 grams of fat from the standard 28 grams, while still being able to keep that mouth watering flavor.
  • All Natural – Papa George’s pork contains no MSG or fillers and is preservative and gluten free! Enjoy this healthy pork option and diversify your family’s meal recipes.

Same Great Taste For All

Whether you are on the go or cooking is your hobby, our premium quality sausage can revolutionize the way you use pork in your diet. At Papa George’s, we offer prepared gyro kits for individuals that need to quickly prepare their meals, and we also offer pork sausage rolls and link for those using pork sausage in recipes. Looking for pork recipes? Visit our website and find pork recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as an appetizer. Now you can enjoy pork in a variety of ways without having to resort to the greasy, unhealthy pork options out on the market. Our pork sausage rolls come in a wide range of flavors including:

  • Regular
  • Sage
  • Hot
  • Maple
  • Italian

Papa George’s is here to change the way sausage is perceived. Thanks to our all natural, premium quality sausage options, you’ll be able to enjoy that same great taste of sausage at only a fraction of the fat. Visit us online to order your batch of healthy pork sausage today or find our products at local Hy-Vee & Cub stores!