Quality Pork Sausage‘Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la la la la…Happy holidays to everyone that enjoys the delicious Papa George’s Sausage! There is something about this time of year that screams, “SAUSAGE!” It is in so many different recipes, and can really make or break your next holiday party. While everyone plans out their holiday grocery shopping lists, let’s not forget to order Papa George’s 100% natural pork sausage!

Sausage Goes With Everything

Making a turkey for the big holiday? If you haven’t made stuffing with our sausage, you are truly missing out! Pork sausage brings so much flavor to every meal, it’s hard to keep from drooling even when we are just talking about it! Pork sausage isn’t just used for dinners though, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appetizers can all be a little bit more merry this season when you add some of Papa George’s sausage!

Savor The Flavor

Even our regular pork sausage has so many natural flavors, you can add it to a recipe or just cook it by itself. All of our pork sausage is made with the finest lean quality cuts of meat and is perfect for all different recipes! Our flavors include: regular, sage, hot, maple, and italian! Are you licking your lips yet?

Healthier Than The Other Store Brand

Natural Pork SausageWhile we all want to eat delicious food over the holidays, let’s not forget that being healthy is an important choice that we should be making all year long. So many people jump for the gym membership in January because they feel like they’ve made poor decisions during the holiday season. While no one is saying that exercise isn’t necessary, Papa George’s is a sausage that you can feel good about eating! All of our pork sausage has 55% less fat than the U.S.D.A data portrays for regular pork sausage. Not only is the fat reduction incomparable to any other sausage, our product is all natural and is MSG, preservative, and gluten free! What’s that weird feeling in your abdomen, you ask? It’s your stomach smiling!

So stop daydreaming about all this sausage! Go out and buy yourself some! If you are having trouble finding a good recipe, let Papa George’s take care of that for you! No matter what time of day you are hosting for the holidays, we’ve got your covered. For recipes including our all natural pork sausage, please visit //www.papageorges.com/recipes/pork-sausage-recipes/. To order your holiday sausage today, visit us online or find us at select grocery stores near you!