Gyro KitTraditional Greek Gyros are made with pork, chicken, lamb or beef that is cooked on a vertical spit. The meat usually has a high fat content since the fat it allowed to drip down while it cooks. Papa George’s has come up with a flavorful solution for people who want all of the taste put into a Healthier Gyro Meat Option. Our Premium Quality Ethnic Gyro Kit is packed with goodness. Each kit has Gyro Meat made of fully cooked Beef and Lamb combination, Fat Free Greek Yogurt Sauce, and 6 Pita Bread slices. As with all of the Papa George’s Premium Quality products, our gyro meat is MSG Free, Preservative Free and Reduced Fat.

Premium Quality Gyros Meat

Gyro Meat is traditionally used in gyro sandwiches made with Pita Bread, vegetables and Cucumber Sauce. Papa George’s gyro meat is made of a tasty combination of Beef and Lamb. It is Very Lean, Fully Cooked and Free From MSG or Preservatives. You are left with a healthier version of delicious gyro meats packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Protein and essential amino acids.

Convenient Healthy Ethnic Gyro Kit

When you crave the tempting flavors of Ethnic Gyros there is no reason to drive to a Greek restaurant to get your flavor fix. Papa George’s Premium Quality Ethnic Gyros Kit has everything you need to replicate the authentic taste at home. You supply the fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, onions or lettuce and let Papa George’s take care of the rest.

Papa George’s Convenient Ethnic Gyros Kit includes the following:

  • Premium Quality Gyros Meat that is made from a tasty, preservative-free combination of beef and lamb.
  • Authentic Fat-Free Tangy Cucumber Sauce that is low in calories, low sodium and a good source of calcium.
  • Pita Bread that is ready to eat.

Make Authentic Gyros at Home

The Premium Quality Ethnic Gyros Kit from Papa George’s makes preparing authentic gyros at home a breeze. Everything you need is listed below:

  • Papa George’s Premium Quality Ethnic Gyros Kit (also available in chicken)
  • Frying Pan or Electric Skillet
  • Tongs
  • Spoon
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Fresh Vegetables (tomatoes, onions, lettuce)

Delicious Authentic Gyros Flavors

Papa George’s has created a convenient way for your family to enjoy Delicious, Authentic Gyros Flavors any time at home. We have created a Premium Quality Ethnic Gyros Kit that contains very lean, fully cooked beef and lamb Gyros Meat, low-fat Greek Yogurt Cucumber Sauce and ready to eat Pita Bread. Just add fresh vegetables for the finishing touch.

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