Clean LabelsOne of the hottest trends in the food industry is the concept of “clean labels.” This is the practice in which food, beverage and nutritional product manufacturers develop packaged products with simplified ingredients on their labels. This practice has become so important in the food industry that there are entire conferences and events dedicated to clean labels.

Consumers are paying closer attention to ingredients because they want to know what’s in the food they’re feeding their families. For food companies, that means a focus on “clean” labels with simple, natural-sounding names. In some cases, that also means fewer ingredients and less processing. The expectation of cleaner labels and fewer ingredients is a belief that those products are inherently healthier.

The move toward simpler ingredients and cleaner labels cuts across many food categories including beverages, baked goods and meat products. For many consumers, if they can’t pronounce the ingredients on label, they don’t want it.

Delivering Natural and Tasty Food Products

At Papa George’s, we have been delivering natural and tasty food products with only simple and wholesome ingredients for more than 25 years. It’s not a trend for us. It’s just how we do business; providing natural and delicious food products. For example, our natural pork sausage rolls contain, of all things, pork! There are also spices, but no preservatives, MSG or fillers. We use only the finest lean quality cuts of meat, and the taste is not compromised by the 49% fat reduction of a fresh Italian pork sausage.

Our new chicken gyros kit contain chicken, while our ethnic gyros kit is made with all-natural lamb. Labels don’t get much more clean than that.

Papa George’s products may have fewer ingredients than others, but they do not lack in taste. We strive to offer the delicious fresh flavors that bring out the best in your recipes.