All Natural SausageLet’s face it, dinner time can be so hard these days. Listen, some days it’s okay to not have everything together. Not every meal has to be perfect. If telling your children that you are going to have a picnic and throwing some slices of cheese on a plate in the living room floor is the only thing that you can do to survive, there is no shame here! Some days it’s just hard. Fortunately, not every day has to be like that. Papa George’s is a company that produces only the finest quality of meats. We want families to be able to enjoy their time together, and it doesn’t have to be some extravagant meal. It’s okay to have a rough day, you will get through it, and Papa George’s can help with a wide array of pork products, lamb products and prepared food products!

High Quality Meat Products You Feel Good About

The guilt of not being there all the time can really eat away at a parent. So don’t add to the mix by giving your children something unhealthy. When you are serving your kids, give them something that you feel good about. All of Papa George’s meat products are made 100% naturally. There is no added fillers, MSG, or preservatives. Instead, after our meat is manufactured, we apply quick freezing to lock in the natural flavors of our delicate meat. Our family is committed to conservation technology. This means that we use eco-friendly management practices and sustainable farming. Our lambs are all free range and graze on a diverse landscape in the American Midwest. All of our meats are very lean, using only the highest quality parts of the meat.

Our Products

  • Pork Products: Our all natural pork sausage roll and link varieties are sure to be a crowd pleaser at any meal. Our sausage contains 55% less fat than the U.S.D.A. data for regular pork sausage. Our sausage could easily be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in many appetizers between meals.
  • Lamb Products: Our 100% pure American ground lamb is 85% lean and contains no salt, spices or solutions to dilute its delicious and delectable taste. It makes for an excellent burger, meatloaf and is a great ground beef substitute.
  • Prepared Products: Now this is where it gets super easy. No more sliced cheese picnic parties in the living room. With our gyros kit, you can easily heat up a delicious and authentic tasting gyro sandwich! Our ethnic gyro kits come with very lean, fully cooked all natural beef and lamb meat, ready to eat pita bread, and an authentic fat-free greek yogurt. Yum!

So make room in your refrigerator today! Papa George’s products are available at select Cub and Hy-Vee locations, as well as online! For more information, email us today at or visit for some yummy recipes!