Ground Lamb ProductsYou just can’t go wrong with quality lamb. Whether it’s turned into a gyro patty or ground to perfection, lamb is a delicacy meat that is packed full of natural flavor and delectable taste! As you make your grocery list, be sure to include Papa George’s lamb products for your next big meal!

Where Your Lamb Comes From

Lamb has been named one of the world’s healthiest meats. The key to finding a good lamb product is knowing where the lamb came from in the first place. If lambs are grass fed and able to range freely, several studies show that the overall fat levels are reduced and the nutrients are so much higher in quality. At Papa George’s all of our lamb meat comes from sustainable farming and eco-friendly management practices using conservation technology. Papa George’s lambs are all free range and able to graze on the beautiful and natural bounty of a diverse landscape in the American Midwest. Our lamb products are packed with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and provide high-quality protein, making it the perfect meal at home! Because our lambs have so much natural flavor, there is no need to add salt, spices or solutions to our ground lamb. We manufacture all of our lambs from fresh and not frozen, pure American lamb. We then do a quick freezing process to lock in it’s natural flavor.

Ground Lamb

Our Ground lamb is a great source of protein for any meal. It’s a great substitute for the fatty hamburger meat you may otherwise buy at your local grocery store. It is great in burgers, meatloaves, pies, and stuffing. It can also be a great compliment in hot dishes or other meats like sausage. It is 100% pure American ground lamb and guaranteed to be 85% lean with high grade and premium quality.

The Gyro Patty

A gyro just wouldn’t be a gyro without the authentic and ethnic taste of lamb. We offer lean, fully cooked beef and lamb combo Gyro Kit that contain no preservatives or MSG. These patties are excellent on the grill or can be the delicious meat you put onto your traditional gyro sandwich. It can go in wraps, pita pockets, salads, omelets, and even soups! Go a step further and just order our ethnic gyros kit! It contains the delicious patties and also has an authentic fat-free greek yogurt dip and ready to eat pita bread!

There is nothing to lose when it comes to Papa George’s premium quality lamb products, except for maybe a little bit of weight! To order your lean lamb products today, visit Papa George’s online at // or find us in one of your local Cub, Hy-Vee, and Super One grocery stores!