Papa George’s Top Notch Pork Nachos

Decorated deliciously and tasteful for all ages, the nacho’s recipe with Papa George’s 100% Natural Pork Sausage was magnificently mouthwatering. This dish was served at a personal Super Bowl 50 party and was a big hit! This Pork Nacho Recipe would also be a great for any other type of party or occasion, as it has all the expected and delightful flavors that makes your taste buds scream for more. We highly recommend nacho’s with Papa George’s 100% Natural Hot Sausage to be your next party recipe choice!

Delicious Nachos | Pork Party Recipe

Great Pork Nacho Recipe

We started our ingredients from base to top when picking out the proper products at the local grocery store. First we found the bottom layer, the tortilla chips. Next our Hot Papa Georges Pork Sausage for the delicious meat base flavored by our favorite Taco Seasoning. We used 100% natural cheddar cheese that we added later into the making of the nachos. We purchased a jar of Tostitos Mild Chunky salsa for additional flavor and texture which blended very well with the other ingredients. Red and yellow fresh banana peppers we added for more visual and edible enjoyment. Then finally the sour cream we poured on the top of our delicious dish. This nacho creation was a marvelous mixture and with the help of Papa George’s 100% Natural Pork Sausage we ate well and healthy.

Making the melted nacho cheese was a fun time here is the ingredients needed and directions below:

  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups milk
  • 3/4 pound cheddar cheese, shredded, about 2 1/2 cups

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Melt butter and add flour in a medium sized pot. Let the flour and butter cook for 1-2 minutes over moderate heat. Whisk in milk. When the milk is at a bubble, stir in the cheese with a wooden spoon. After mixed, remove cheese sauce from the heat. Then pour cheese sauce over the chips and add the rest of the delicious nacho fixings. Read more at: //

delicious nacho recipe

Full Bellies and Healthy Lives

Eating right benefits your body in ways that you will feel instantly. Having Papa George’s 100% Natural Pork Sausage in your meals is a very delicious and health conscious decision for you and your family. Papa George’s strives to produce the best pork sausage in every way. Papa George’s is happily sold in many local Midwest Grocery Stores, such as Hy-Vee, Cub Foods and Super One Foods. If you are looking to live an improved life and not give up flavor doing so, check out Papa George’s today. Providing you and your family with natural pork sausage products at a great price and healthy choice. Visit our website to order online or learn more //

Papa George’s is my secret ingredient! WHAT’S YOURS?

We are just an everyday family, making everyday food taste great, with the help of Papa George’s. Hope you enjoyed the food as much as we did!

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