Quality PorkIn most cases, we don’t want less for our money, we want more. We hunt for bargains at the supermarket, looking for the best deals. But when it comes to what’s in our food, most of us will gladly take less of what we don’t want.

In the case of Papa George’s pork sausage rolls, we give you all the taste you want and expect without many of the things you don’t want.

First, Papa George’s sausage rolls contain less fat. We’re talking 49 percent less fat that U.S. Department of Agriculture data for fresh Italian pork sausage. Our pork sausage rolls contain only 17.6 grams of fat, compared to regular pork sausage which has 35 grams per 4oz serving. That’s a lot less of what you don’t want.

You’ll also find no fillers, MSG, preservatives or gluten in our pork sausage products. You don’t want them, so they’re not in there.

What you will find is taste. With five zesty varieties that add flavor to nearly any recipe, Papa George’s pork sausage rolls are ideal ingredients for your favorite recipes or new ones that are likely to gain you more things, like compliments and recipe requests.