Quality Pork SausageWe could make plenty of sausage jokes around here, but our delicious meat is nothing to laugh at. Our sausage is so tender and delicious, if it could eat itself, it would definitely be diving in for a big bite! Fortunately, we save all the delicious sausage for folks like you! At Papa George’s no sausage should go uneaten! So get off your rump and come order the tastiest sausage you will ever put into your mouth!

Our Delicious Sausage Flavors

As a smaller, local American company, we only say tasteful things about our sausage (not that Papa George could ever make a distasteful sausage). So, to keep hold of the high standard of our original flavor, we have made more – to spice up everyone’s dinner just a little bit more!

  • Regular – Our Regular flavor offers that original flavoring of sausage that goes down easy for everyone.
  • Tasty Sage – Our sage flavored sausage has a smooth, gourmet-feel that brings ordinary dishes, like stuffing and dressing, back to life!
  • Hot! Hot! Hot! – No, it won’t burn your tongue, but it does have just enough umph to make you get up and pour yourself another glass of your favorite beverage.
  • Bring on the Maple – Maple sausage says it all, no one else really has to say a thing. Its smooth and gentle aroma makes you want to devour the whole thing all at once.
  • A Taste of Italy – Yes, our italian inspired sausage is authentic in taste, giving you a real taste of Italy with every bite.

All Natural Sausage

Looking to spice it up in the evenings but want to keep yourself healthy? Don’t walk past Papa George’s sausage anymore! Not all sausage is bad for you! In fact, our sausage is quite good! Papa George’s all natural pork sausage rolls and links contain no MSG, no preservatives, and no fillers. We are the epitome of all-natural. Not only are we proud to be 100% natural, we also work well with reducing fat! We offer 55% less fat than U.S.D.A. data shows for regular pork sausage. 55%! That means we have reduced fat from 28 grams to 12 grams, keeping it completely heart healthy. How do we do this and still keep the same great flavors? There’s no secrets here. We only use the finest quality of lean meats to create our beautiful, healthier alternative, all natural sausage.

So, if you were here to look for a sausage joke, you won’t find one! We are serious about our sausage here and you should be too! Order your delicious Papa George’s sausage today online at www.papageorges.com/shop/ or in select Hy-Vee and Cub stores near you.