All Natural SausageHave you been on the hunt around town for all natural pork sausage? There’s plenty of sausage options, but none are able to compete with Papa George’s all natural, reduced fat pork sausage. Available in 5 different flavors, the search is over because you can now find our premium quality sausage products at Cub, Hy-Vee and Super One locations!

Top Notch Meats

From the beginning, it has been our goal to offer pork and lamb products that are not only delicious, but also healthy! When sausage is brought up, many individuals jump to the conclusion that it is full of grease and fat. Papa George’s has changed the game by offering reduced fat sausage that is unlike any other product in the market. With no preservatives and no MSG or artificial flavorings, you are able to enjoy sausage and lamb in a more healthy way. Additionally, we combine all natural ingredients and fresh spices that will leave your taste buds wanting more! This is proof that It’s a win-win for you to try Papa George’s top notch pork products. Locally built and owned, our customers are truly our number one priority!

Supermarket Partnership

When deciding on which supermarkets and food warehouses to partner with, we wanted to make sure that the markets had a passion for selling healthy food products and were also well respected in the community. After thorough consideration, it became obvious that we wanted to partner with Cub, Hy-Vee and Super One locations. Come try our pork, lamb and prepared gyro kits. Offering flavors including regular, sage, hot, maple and italian, there is sure to be a flavor that you and your family will enjoy! Whether you are looking for sausage rolls, sausage links, ground lamb gyros meat or prepared gyros kits, these locations have you covered!

Be Creative With Our Products

Now that you’ve purchased our pork or lamb products, are you ready to try something new? Our website, offers pork, lamb, bread, salad and side recipes for any occasion. What’s great about our healthy products is that they are so versatile and can be used in recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now that your hunt for all natural pork sausage is over, sit back and enjoy the phenomenal flavors from Papa George’s. Visit Cub, Hy-Vee and Super One locations to get your hand on Papa George’s all natural, premium quality pork and lamb products today! For further questions or to learn more about our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at