Gyro KitsGyro. Just saying the word makes anyone’s olfactory nerve twinge. That one word brings thoughts of glorious meat sizzling, friends laughing, and one satisfying family meal. If those thoughts don’t pop into your mind, then it’s obvious that you haven’t tried Papa George’s Gyro kits yet. This all natural, easy dinner for 6 will be a hit at your next dinner party or family gathering. You haven’t had a good gyro until you’ve had Papa George’s Gyros.

What’s a Gyro Anyways?

Any greek would slap you right across the face for asking such an absurd question, but we won’t do that to you here! Instead, we will let you experience the deliciousness of a gyro with our pre made packages compiling a complete and easy dinner for 6. We have both a beef/lamb gyro kit and our always equally delicious chicken gyro kit. To prepare your next satisfying meal, whether you are cooking the beef, lamb, or the chicken, you will typically cook the meat in a vertical broiler. This is so the lower parts of the meat are basted with the juices from the upper parts. Our meat is typically hand cut into round, thin, flat slices that are seasoned to perfection and packed away for you. A lightly grilled piece of pita bread encases your precious meat, along with anything else you might add, like peppers and sauces.

The Papa George Gyro

Is your mouth watering yet? It will be once you smell the meat sizzling in the comfort of your own home. That’s right – no need to go to a restaurant for this, we have beef/lamb gyro kits as well as chicken gyro kits that can be shipped to your home and placed on your dining room table for your next satisfying family meal. What makes Papa George so special? You can’t find the quality meat that we possess in your common grocery store aisle. All of our meat, the beef, lamb, and chicken, is very lean and fully cooked before ever being packaged. It is all natural and comes with no MSG or preservatives, making it an easy dinner for 6 but also a healthy one. To add to the deliciousness, both kits also include a tasty authentic Greek yogurt based fat-free cucumber sauce AND the pita bread that is so coveted.

So stop salivating! Go ahead and pick up a Gyro Kit from your local Hy-Vee, Cub Foods or order your beef/lamb gyro kit or chicken gyro kit online today! This all natural product is the perfect fit for any family looking for a good meal! To order, visit // and enjoy one of Papa George’s gyro kits today!