Quality Pork SausageCotton candy, sweet as gold. Let me see that sausage roll!!! At Papa George’s, you’ve never “sausage” a place like this before! We take our meat seriously here and have the all natural, quality products to prove it! At Papa George’s, premium quality and high standards meets delicious taste at an affordable price!

What good is a family if you can’t laugh and joke with them? Buying quality meat to enjoy around the dinner table creates a welcoming atmosphere where good food is served and smiles overtake the room. Papa George’s understands the importance of laughter and family. Therefore, we do everything in our power to deliver the highest quality of meat to your door! All of our products are all natural, have reduced fat, and come free of preservatives, hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors, and enhancers. We are confident in the quality of our meat and don’t need all of the extra additives weighing our meat down. We only use the finest ingredients to prepare and deliver the highest quality taste imaginable.

Meet Your Meat

We understand that too many places in America are using fillers and byproducts in their meats, linking health problems to the consumption of these fillers. Papa George’s only has quality products. We keep it simple and offer pork, lamb, and prepared gyros kits. All of our products come from America and provide a healthy and enjoyable alternative to eating fast food.

Pork Products: Offering both sausage rolls and links, Papa George’s sausage can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. While traditionally, pork sausage has been known for its fat content, we reduce its fat by 55% and leave nothing but lean, flavorful sausage for you to enjoy!

Lamb Products: Ground lamb needs no flavoring, its natural flavor and delicate taste is perfect all by itself. We manufacture this meat fresh and never frozen, from pure American lamb. Once it’s manufacturing is complete, we quick freeze it to lock in the natural flavors that you will undoubtedly taste around your dinner table.

Prepared Gyros Kit: Papa George’s makes it simple for you. Sometimes life gets too hectic to worry about gathering all the ingredients for cooking a meal. With our prepared gyros kit, you have several quickly heated and healthy options that the entire family can enjoy.

So just forget about going up and down the aisle trying to find a slice of meat that isn’t filled with hormones and nastiness. Visit Papa George’s online and order your, “sweet as gold” sausage roll today. To order your premium quality meat, please visit Papa George’s online store, //www.papageorges.com/shop/ and get your “eat on” tonight!