All Natural SausageWhen it comes to healthy foods, sausage has not ranked high on this list in the past. The reason being that it historically has not contained many healthy ingredients. defines sausage as:

“Ground meat mixed with fat, salt and other seasonings, preservatives and fillings, often packed into an artificial protein or genuine animal intestine casing.”

Although sausage may have a delicious flavor, many individuals avoid this type of meat because of its lack of nutritional value. Papa George’s took notice of this and decided to redefine the definition of sausage and offer a healthier sausage option that is still able to make your taste buds water, even more than before!

What Sets Our Pork Sausage Apart

  • Reduced Fat – When comparing our all natural pork sausage to regular pork sausage, our products have 55 percent less fat! Instead of 28 grams of fat on average, our pork sausage only has 12 grams.
  • No MSG or Preservatives – Offering a pork sausage product that has no MSG, preservatives and no fillers, is quite rare in the industry. Papa George’s takes pride in being able to offer a delicious product without all of these unhealthy additives that other sausage has.
  • Gluten Free – Looking for a gluten free option when it comes to your sausage? No need to worry, because Papa George’s all natural pork sausage is gluten free!

Get to know the Papa George’s Team

When deciding to purchase Papa George’s sausage with only pork, you are not only investing in high quality pork sausage, but you are also able to enjoy that same great sausage flavor, in a more healthy way! Our partnership is not just about buying and selling sausage. Additionally, we offer sausage recipes including meals for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Papa George strives to offer a healthy alternative to enjoyable eating. The goal is for you to still be able to eat the foods that you grew up on like traditional sausage, just at a much healthier level.

Now is the time to transition your poor eating habits into a healthier lifestyle. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional sausage that is filled with fat, msg and preservatives, Papa George’s all natural pork sausage is exactly what you have been looking for. Visit or email to learn more about our premium quality pork sausage and head to your local Hy-Vee or Cub Foods to purchase your first batch of our sausage rolls or links that have redefined the definition of sausage. These products come in a wide variety of flavors including regular, sage, hot, maple and italian.