Papa George’s Products are All NaturalPapa George’s products are all natural, preservative free, and MSG free. So what does that really even mean? Too often, companies try to fool you with gimmicks and big words. Then, you look on the label and see ingredients that you can’t pronounce and items that indeed, are terrible for you! So at Papa George’s, we thought it was time to explain what our food labels really mean and how our products should be on your dinner table at every meal!

Papa George’s Products are All Natural

So what exactly is “all natural”? Food products labeled “natural” and “all natural” contain the same criteria. All natural means that there are no preservatives, no artificial ingredients and the items as minimally processed. To achieve the status of “all natural,” labels are evaluated by the USDA to prevent mislabeling from companies looking to cheat consumers. All of our products at Papa George’s are preservative free and MSG free. How do we achieve this while also keeping our meat fresh? After our meat is manufactured, we apply quick freezing to lock in all of the natural flavors of our delicate meat.

“Grass Fed vs Free Range”

We believe in sustainable farming at Papa George’s. Our lambs here range freely and graze on the natural environment landscaping of the American Midwest. We are proud to offer conservation technology and sustainable farming that is also eco-friendly. Because our lambs are able to graze within a natural environment, it’s easier for us to offer Papa George’s products that are all natural, preservative free, and MSG free. While “grass fed” can be in some labels, free range should also be stated! In order to achieve free range status, animals cannot be contained in any way and must be allowed to roam freely in a large area of land. At Papa George’s, we are proud to have both grass fed and free range on our labels.

Papa George’s products are all natural, preservative free, and MSG free. Can you find pork and lamb products like that in most markets? Additionally, we only cut from the leanest part of the meat, reducing fat naturally and allowing for an abundance of natural flavors. Papa George’s is proud of the reputation that we uphold. We are proud to sell our products and hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Pick up your Papa George’s products today at select Cub and Hy-Vee stores or online at For more information on understanding food labels, email us today at