Savor TasteFood should do more than just provide us with the nutrition and energy we need to live. Food goes well beyond mere sustenance to become something that is savored, relished and around which many memories are made.

Reality is, other than for special occasions, most of us don’t often have or take the time to plan elaborate meals. We’re happy to get food on the table between events, activities or other responsibilities.
That doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice taste.

100% Natural Food

Take Papa George’s reduced fat pork patty rolls, for example. These 100 percent natural products come in a variety of flavors ranging from traditional and maple to zesty offerings like Sage, Italian and Hot. All are made with no preservatives, no MSG, no fillers. Nothing but pork, spices and flavorings.

Spice up your spaghetti with Italian pork sausage instead of plain hamburger. Jazz up your grilled burgers by mixing in some hot pork sausage and onions. Or get ready for the big game with some savory, cheesy sausage dip. These are few examples of ways to put a twist on family favorites by introducing some new flavors.

You can also check out our recipe section to get ideas for new kitchen creation that others have shared. Either way, using Papa George’s pork products is a good way to make sure you’re not missing out on taste.