Alright, enough with the nightly debates. It’s time that everyone in your household comes to an agreement. If your kids are always wanting something delicious and tasty, but you keep pushing the same old healthy dinner meal, don’t you think you owe it to yourself and to them to find a healthy and delicious alternative? Folks, lamb is your answer. Why eat lamb? Friends, lamb is packed with high-quality protein, essential amino acids, multiple vitamins and minerals, and gives a delicious and delectable taste to anyone enjoying it! Papa George’s lamb products have so many qualities, it’s hard to know where to start!

High In Protein

Lamb is primarily composed of protein. Papa George’s all natural lamb is made to be extra lean, 85% to be exact, along with being high grade and premium quality. It contains all the essential amino acids for young body growth and maintenance, which can help build and repair muscle tissue within the body.

Gooooood Fat

Papa George’s lambs are all free range and graze on the natural landscaping in the American Midwest. This means that our lambs will have the minimal amount of fat that other lamb products may have. While it does have both saturated and monounsaturated fats, it also contains ruminant trans fats. These fats are commonly linked with health benefits like reducing body fat mass.

Vitamins and Minerals

Iron is very profound in lamb. Vitamin B12 and Zinc are also among the top vitamins and minerals that add nutritional value to the ingestion of lamb products. Along with vitamins and minerals, lamb contains bioactive nutrients and antioxidants that can have a positive effect on your health.

Papa George’s Lamb

Overall, lamb is a good source of protein and iron and a great addition to your diet. Papa George’s believes in conservation technology and sustainable farming. We are an eco-friendly community that lets our lambs range freely. Our lamb is 100% pure with no salt, spices, or solutions that are secretly added. It is manufactured fresh, not frozen, and then locked in with a quick freezing process so that all of your natural, fresh flavors come out when you cook your meal at home.

You can create all kinds of dishes with Papa George’s lamb and provide your family with a healthier red meat alternative. Burgers, meat loafs, hot dishes, pies, sausages, and stuffing are just some of the many ways you can use Papa George’s lamb for dinner tonight. Available both online and in select Hy-Vee and Cub stores, order your Papa George’s lamb today and make your whole house happy!