Papa Georges SausageEggs…check!

Orange juice…check!


Papa George’s All Natural Sausage…check!

Breakfast is known for being the most important meal of the day. Starting your day off with a delicious meal means that you are starting your day off right. Whether it’s your typical Monday morning before work, or a special event like the first day of school, Papa George’s should be served on your plate everyday!

All Natural Sausage

What really makes our sausage better? If we could give you a taste test through the internet, it would be much easier to convince you. However, technology hasn’t quite caught up to our needs just yet. So, we’ll do our best to describe our insanely great sausage by telling you, first, how it’s made. Most sausages that you encounter while grocery shopping can be quite bad for you. They can contain fillers, MSG, and they are loaded up with preservatives to keep the meat “fresh.” That’s not how we do business at Papa George’s. We only carry all natural pork sausage rolls & links. Our sausage is 100% all natural and contains no additives, MSG, gluten, or preservatives. By doing this alone, we already become the superior sausage. Why do we do this? We want all of our customers to enjoy healthy eating and a better way of life with Papa George’s all natural sausage.

The Healthier All Natural Sausage

Did you just say healthy eating and sausage in the same sentence? Yes, we are glad you noticed! At Papa George’s, we only use the finest, most lean quality cuts of meat. Our goal in doing this was to greatly reduce the fat content but not compromise the delicious taste of sausage itself. So, we specifically use lean cuts of meat and simultaneously reduce the fat to be 55 percent less than the U.S.D.A data for regular pork sausage!

Our Sausage Flavors

No matter what type of breakfast you plan to make, we have a sausage flavor that will go with it! Customers rave about both our maple pork patty sausage first thing in the morning and our hot flavored pork patty sausage when you want a little spice and zing added to your breakfast!

No matter what type of day it is or what other items are on the menu, Papa George’s all natural sausage should always be on your plate. Find Papa George’s sausage in select Cub and Hy-Vee stores, or order online! Fore more information, contact us today at