Papa Georges All Natural Chicken GyrosPapa George introduces to the market an All Natural Chicken Gyros Kit… Another popular gourmet sandwich that brings convenience and enjoyment to your meal!

The traditional gyros meat contained in Papa George Ethnic Gyros kit is made using a combination of beef and lamb meat, with no MSG and no preservatives. As part of the healthy eating and a better way of life endeavor, Papa George’s now introduces to the market another popular gourmet sandwich, the Papa George Chicken Gyros Kit.

Papa George’s Chicken Gyros Kit is based on our family home cooking recipe. The product is 100% All Natural in the sense it is minimally processed, contains no artificial ingredient, and has no MSG and no preservatives.  The Papa George Chicken Gyros Kit is designed to make six sandwiches as it contains the Pita Bread, the fat-free yogurt-base Fresh Cucumber Sauce (tzaziki), and the fully cooked lean Chicken Gyros meat. The meat is nicely seasoned with a well-balanced rich spice mix. You only need to add chopped or shredded vegetables, pickles and assorted condiments.  Finally from Papa George’s, another gourmet all natural sandwich that brings convenience and enjoyment to your meal!

Papa George also offers a product line of delicious All Natural reduced fat pork sausage, gluten free, with no MSG and no preservatives.   These flavors are: Regular, Sage, Hot, Italian, and Maple. They are meant to add lots of flavor in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner traditional recipes without adding fat.  We, at Papa George’s, strive for healthy and enjoyable eating as a way of life.


Also Available is the Papa George’s Ethnic Gyros Kit.

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