Papa Georges Fresh Cucumber SauceWhen fat free thick high protein yogurt was not the norm, Papa George’s endeavor began to sprout keeping health and enjoyable eating as the way of life to be.

Early 1990, the All Natural Papa George Fat Free Fresh cucumber sauce was born based on our traditional family home cooking recipe. It has very low sodium, low calorie, no sugar added, no preservatives and heart healthy! Even better, it could freeze and be served when thawed without any fluid separation. I will tell you why freezing can be beneficial and the myriad uses in my upcoming communications.

Because Papa George Fresh Cucumber Sauce is yogurt-based, expect it to be tangy in nature rather than creamy like the fat free or full fat sour cream. Furthermore, you can taste the freshness of the cucumbers as they marry well with our added herbs and spices in the thick yogurt marinade. You can read our ingredients and understand them all (in comparison to the ingredients of many other commercial brands)! The sauce keeps well under refrigeration.

Papa George also offers the traditional All Natural Ethnic Gyros kits where the meat is made with preservatives and MSG free beef and lamb combination meat, the All Natural Chicken Gyros kit, and delicious All Natural reduced fat pork sausage, gluten free, with no MSG and no preservatives. The sausage rolls flavors are: Regular, Sage, Hot, Italian, and Maple. They are meant to add lots of flavor in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner traditional recipes without adding fat. We, at Papa George’s, strive for healthy and enjoyable eating as a way of life.