Ground Lamb ProductsWhen most people, especially Americans, think about ordering a burger, they immediately think that it should be beef. Why is that? Not only is it linked to cardiovascular disease and most recently, colon cancer, it is also a lot less humane. When you are cruising through the supermarket, do you really ever know where your meat comes from? Try something different for dinner this week. When you are making your grocery list, it’s time you try Papa George’s all natural lamb products!

Lamb vs Beef

Lamb is a staple in most Mediterranean diets. You can use ground lamb to replace almost any ground beef product. Papa George’s ground lamb is commonly used for burgers, meat loafs, hot dishes, pies, sausages, and even that delicious Thanksgiving stuffing. So what’s really the difference? When you actually research lamb, there is overwhelming evidence that it is believed to be the world’s healthiest meat. While it may be slightly higher in calories than other meats, it has the ability to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, Papa George removes the majority of the fat from our all natural cuts of lamb. Our ground lamb is guaranteed to be 85% lean! Likewise, do you know where your meat has been? Buying lamb means that you are likely buying a more humane product. Knowing that an animal has been raised humanely always makes it taste just a bit better.

Our Lamb Products

Papa George is proud to say that our lamb products have a delicate taste and natural flavor. There is no need for salt, spices, or any other unwanted additives. All of our lamb products are manufactured from fresh, pure American lamb. Once manufactured, we quickly seal and freeze to lock in all of the natural flavor yumminess that is associated with this delicate meat. Our lambs are all free range and graze on the natural environment located in the American Midwest. Lamb is an excellent source to gain your daily vitamins and minerals, including high-quality protein and your eight essential amino acids.

Whether you are looking for ground lamb, or the authentic taste of lamb in a gyro, we have what you need at Papa George’s. Understanding where your meat comes from and what you are putting into your mouth every day can make a huge impact in your life. To order your all natural lamb products, visit Papa George’s online today at //