Hy-Vee Warehouse ProductTo make it even easier for our customers to purchase our quality all natural reduced fat food products, Papa George’s products are slotted in the Hy-Vee warehouse and many Hy-Vee stores. Additionally our team makes it easy for any Hy-Vee store to order our Sausage and Gyro Kits for the meat, frozen and even health department sections. If you are looking to incorporate pork and lamb products into your store that are not only delicious, but also healthy, Papa George’s products are exactly what you need!

Products Offered

  • Pork Sausage – Papa George’s offers all natural reduced fat pork sausage roll and links that are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. No MSG, no preservatives or fillers are used in this product. Our pork patty rolls come in Sage, Hot, Maple, Italian and Regular flavors. Our pork sausage links are also available in Italian, Maple and Original flavors.
  • Lamb – Our ground lamb has a unique taste that makes most of our customers mouths water just thinking about biting into this meat. The natural flavor cannot be matched and is guaranteed to be 85% lean, offering a healthy meat option for you and your family. This pure American lamb contains no salt, spices or other solutions. Consider using Papa George’s ground lamb in burgers, meatloaf, pies and many other meals.
  • Prepared Products – Life seems to just get busier and busier. If you are looking for healthy and flavorful prepared products for your own family or to sell within your store, Papa George’s has you covered. Our family owned business offers scrambled egg patties, ethnic or chicken gyros kits, cucumber sauce and sliced lamb meat as a prepared option for your customers. These easy to prepare meals focus on providing a healthy option along with phenomenal flavor.

Not Just Food

Along with our all natural, premium quality food products that we offer, Papa George’s makes sure you have a variety of meal options to consider. On our website we post lamb and pork recipes, which include bread, side and salad recipes to help you get started with these tasty products.

If you are a food services provider, do your part in helping the community say goodbye to the unhealthy food by offering products that are made of quality and are health conscious. Team up with Papa George’s, a family owned company offering premium quality lamb and pork products as a healthy, flavorful meal option for busy families. Contact Papa George’s today by emailing info@papageorges.com or by visiting www.papageorges.com to learn more about our all natural, healthy food products and prepared meals. Additionally, go to our product locator page to find a Hy-Vee store near you that proudly sells our products and if you are a manager at a Hy-Vee that doesn’t currently Warehouse to purchase our products directly.