All Natural Pork SausagePapa George’s has created a wide variety of pork sausage products that are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner for your family or a table of guests. They can add flavor to your favorite soup or crockpot recipe or you can serve these delectable eats as your main course! Your family will love the taste and you can feel confident knowing that you are feeding them something healthy!

Papa George’s Pork Sausage Roll Flavors

Papa George’s pork sausage rolls are made from all natural products, are naturally reduced fat, are MSG, gluten and preservative free. We use only the finest lean quality cuts of meat, and the taste of our product is not at all compromised by using the most lean cuts of sausage. Right now, you can choose from the following tasty pork sausage roll flavors:

  • Regular: This regular flavored sausage roll has a rich and familiar taste and is popular with young and old! It can be used to make sausage balls, patties and use in your favorite recipe.
  • Sage: Our signature sage sausage roll is gourmet-flavored and extremely popular for use in a wide variety of dishes including white creamy sauce-based dishes, wild rice, potatoes, and earthy-flavored recipes.
  • Hot: Our hot flavored sausage is perfect as a pizza topping or to add some zest to your favorite soup and in dishes that use tomato sauce. It is hot and flavorful without being overpowering.
  • Maple: Maple-flavored sausage makes for a delicious breakfast entree, combining a smooth and sweet taste to our sausage roll.
  • Italian Style: Our italian style sausage roll is extremely versatile, flavorful and rich. It is perfect for pasta dishes, entrees and appetizers.

Include Papa George’s Sausage In Your Next Recipe!

Find a store near you that sell our pork sausage by going to our Product Locator Page and entering your zip code. Buy one package at your local Hy-Vee, Target or even Cub or order directly from us online in bulk. And, with 55% less fat than the USDA reports for regular pork sausage (12 grams of fat vs 28 grams), you will have no trouble incorporating Papa George’s pork sausage into your routine family meal planning and entertaining. It will add flavor and zest to all of your favorite recipes and give you the opportunity to try new ones! If you would like more information about our products or would like to place an order, email Papa George’s now at or place an online order and see for yourself!