sauce1This delicious recipe is a courtesy of Alexandra Jones.


1. 3 olive oil packed anchovy fillets
2. 2 Tablespoons chopped, oil packed sundried tomatoes
3. 1 clove garlic
4. 2 teaspoons sugar
5. 2 teaspoons of tamari for this
6. ¼ cup fresh mint
7. ¼ cup fresh curly parsley
8. Juice of one lemon
9. 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar
10. 2 Tablespoons hot water
11. 2 teaspoons capers

Cooking Instructions

Use a mortar and pestle for this to keep a more rustic texture; you can use a blender or food processor but just pulse a few times. Combine anchovies, garlic, sugar, sundried tomatoes, mint and parsley, muddle until it forms a thick paste, add the rest of ingredients, and stir to combine. Can be made up to a week in advance and kept in the fridge.

Makes 3 servings.

Enjoy a whole new way to get your Papa George 100% Pure American Ground Lamb!
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