Chicken Gyros No one is hating on the traditional American meal. It is timeless, classic and down right delicious. Why do they seem so special? Mostly because of the memories that accompany the meal. So when you come home and have these traditional American feasts on a regular basis, they tend to not give off that same effect. It’s time to spice things up, try something new for dinner, and make some fresh and exciting memories around the table! Take a break from the usual lineup and eat Papa George’s Chicken Gyros for dinner!

Find our Chicken Gyro Kits at multiple Hy-Vee Locations, Cub Foods, Super One Grocery Stores or just buy it in bulk through our website and keep it in your freezer for convenience.

The Deliciousness of a Gyro

Yes, the turkey was good but do you really want to keep eating those dry leftovers for a month? No, thank you! If you’ve never had a chicken gyro before, you are in for a real treat. Traditionally made as a greek dish, the tenderness and flavor of the chicken gyro will be sure to knock your socks off and have your family begging for seconds! The typical gyro is made up of delicious meat, a blend of spices, and completely wrapped in a fresh pita bread. Think of it as a cross between a taco and a sandwich. At Papa George’s, we loved this type of entree so much that we decided to create our own delicious and easy to prepare version for everyone to enjoy!

All Natural Chicken

Every meat you try at Papa George’s is made with no MSG or preservatives because we believe in wholeness of our products. Our chicken gyro kit comes with very lean, fully cooked chicken that is packed with proteins that your growing family will need throughout the week.

Flavorfully Authentic

What’s a gyro without some real greek flair? Along with our all natural chicken, we have delicious authentic Greek yogurt based fat-free cucumber sauce. Between the natural flavors of the chicken and the delectable spices, you may close your eyes and think you are walking the streets of Santorini. Additionally, we pack in scrumptious pita bread that is ready to eat in a jiffy!

When you order online today, you will get enough kits to make 36 sandwiches. Simply heat it up and enjoy Papa George’s easy to make, irresistible chicken gyros kit. Available now for only $60 plus shipping and handling, please visit us online at // or shoot us an email at Drop the traditional meals and spice up your meals this week with Papa George’s!