Gyro KitsIt’s that infamous phrase that makes your face red with anger like you are about to explode, “mom, what’s for dinner?” Why can’t they figure it out on their own? How come our kids expect a gourmet meal every night? Listen, we get it. If you’re a parent or have a large family, week nights can be hard to plan a good meal. Between work, homework, afternoon activities, and general exhaustion, it’s hard to find the time to plan a good meal for your family. At Papa George’s, we simply say, “don’t do it.” Quit wasting your time planning and just order a perfect meal from us!

Papa George’s Gyros Kit

Fast food is unhealthy. The kids refuse to eat leftovers. Meals from scratch just take too long. These are all excellent reasons why you should try Papa George’s Gyros Kit. We offer both Chicken Gyros kits as well as Ethnic Gyros kits. Both kits include a scrumptious authentic Greek yogurt based fat-free cucumber sauce and pita bread that is ready to eat. Our chicken kit is made with all natural, very lean and fully cooked chicken. Our chicken has no MSG or preservatives and is made to give you and your family an easy and quick option for dinner. Our ethnic kit tastes like you’ve just stepped into a restaurant in Greece. Our meat is lean, fully cooked and made with both beef and lamb. Just like our chicken, there is no MSG or preservatives, which keeps your family happy and healthy.

Pork Sausage

Even though your schedule may be insane, it’s not hard to grab a package of pork sausage from the fridge and whip something up for the family. Pork sausage can go great with anything. Whether you are making sausage balls for the holidays or adding in some of our pork sausage to your collard greens, Papa George’s can give your meal that extra flavor that can take your meal from average to phenomenal.

Ground Lamb

Ground lamb is not something easily found at your grocery store, but once you try it, you’ll want to have it again and again. Order in bulk at Papa George’s so you can easily roll your ground lamb into burgers, meat loafs, or even stuffing, saving you lots of time and money in the kitchen.

Next time your kids come in and ask, “what’s for dinner?” don’t get upset. Pull out Papa George’s from the fridge and put a smile on everyone’s faces! To order your Papa George’s products, email us at or shop with us online at //