Easter is almost here and it is time to think about the holiday tradition, complete with food and family. What does your Easter tradition include? Perhaps a special part of your Easter tradition is a special annual meal with family. Have you ever wondered about the origins some of the more traditional Easter dishes?

Lamb is often served as part of a traditional Easter meal, and this is traced all the way back to early Passover meals, when those of the Jewish faith would mark their doors with sacrificed lamb’s blood to ask God to “passover” their homes when carrying out his punishment. This tradition carried over into the Christian faith and is still eaten on this religious holiday. Christians also commonly refer to Jesus as the “Lamb of God” which may also tie the meat dish to the Easter holiday.

Papa George’s Premium Lamb Products

Now is a great time to think about the menu for your Easter feast and if you want to include lamb, look no further than Papa George’s for the best ground lamb on the market. Our lamb has delicate taste and a natural flavor and is 85% lean with high grade and premium quality. We keep our lamb pure adding no salt, spices, or other solutions to our ground lamb. Papa George’s manufacturers our high quality product from fresh, not frozen, pure American lamb. We use quick freezing techniques to seal in the natural flavors of this delicacy. Depending on the rest of your Easter menu, you can use Papa George’s ground lamb in burgers, meat loafs, hot dishes, pies, sausages, and even as stuffing, or crumbled in traditional or contemporary recipes.

Options for Purchasing Lamb from Papa George’s

Papa George’s offers a wide variety of lamb options that can be purchased online as well as at Cub Foods & Hy-Vee stores, if you live in the Midwest. Email Papa George’s at info@papageorges.com for more information.

  • 100% Pure American Ground Lamb: rolls of ground lamb, 85% lean and extremely flavorful. Perfect for burgers, meat loafs, hot dishes, pies, sausages, as stuffing, or crumbled in traditional or contemporary recipes.
    • 12 – 12oz Rolls Per Case.
    • $60.00 + shipping
  • Gyros Kit: This ready to eat, ethnic tasting gyro sandwich kit is made of lean, fully cooked beef and lamb meat with no MSG or preservatives. It includes a fat-free greek yogurt, and ready to eat pita bread.
    • 6 Gyro Kits Per Case.
    • $60.00 + shipping
  • Gyro Meat Patties: This lean fully cooked beef and lamb combination product has no MSG or preservatives. It is excellent for the grill, or traditional gyro sandwiches.
    • 12 – 8oz Packages Per Case.
    • $48.00 + shipping

Papa George’s is proud to be able to bring your favorite products to local Hy-Vee & Cub Foods Grocery Stores too.