Papa Georges ProductsMaking healthy meal decisions for your family is likely one of your everyday goals, but with busy schedules and competing demands, it is not always easy.  And going through a drive through at a fast food restaurant a few times a week is both unhealthy AND expensive.  So, you do what many others do, spend time and effort searching for healthy recipes and options for fast, high quality and simple meals that are made from all natural ingredients. Papa George’s makes high quality products that taste great and are also great for you and your family. And, best of all, your Papa George’s order can be delivered straight to your door!

Papa George’s Wide Selection Of Healthy Options

All Papa George’s products are made from all natural ingredients, are low in fat, and have no added preservatives, hydrogenated fats, or artificial flavorings or enhancers. By eliminating all of the unhealthy preservatives, hydrogenated fats, and artificial flavorings and enhancers, we provide you with high quality products that are much healthier than many alternatives such as fast food and most frozen meals. Our meat products include pork, lamb, and prepared meals that can make a great choice for your family.  In addition, our products are naturally flavorful and taste great.  Finally, we have developed several options for quick and easy prepared meal options that can keep you from spending hours slaving in the kitchen or making your way through the drive-thru.

You can choose from any of the following delicious, healthy, easy to prepare options:

  • Reduced Fat Pork Sausage Rolls: Regular, Sage, Hot, Maple & Italian Flavors Available
  • American Lamb Selection: 100% pure American ground lamb rolls, ethnic gyro kits, and fully cooked beef and lamb combination product.
  • Prepared Food: Scrambled Egg Patties, gyro kits (chicken, beef and lamb), sliced gyro meats, and tangy cucumber sauce.

So Many Great Recipe Options

Papa George’s products can be used in countless recipes — for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Ordering these products is easy, affordable and can be a great step toward helping your family stay healthy and enjoy your food.  Place your order today and have your Papa George’s food items delivered directly to your home.  Prices are affordable and you can find many easy recipe options for each item and even recipe contest winners!

For more information about all of Papa George’s products or to place an order for your family, email