pork-sausageAs baseball season begins, major league rosters are full of players who can play more than one position. These utility players can be pressed into action in the infield, outfield or called on to pinch run. They’re not limited to one use, but can be successful in more than one circumstance.

When it comes to kitchen performance, Papa George’s sausage rolls are equally as versatile.

You may think of pork sausage as a tasty breakfast protein that spices up recipes like egg bakes or biscuits and gravy. While that is certainly the case, Papa George’s sausage rolls can play more than one position.

Next time you have friends over for a game or a book club, tempt their taste buds with appetizers like sausage stuffed peppers or creamy sausage dip. Both recipes are easy to make and taste great. They’re also far from ordinary.

If you need a home run, think dinner with a sausage, potato and cheese casserole for a main dish. Or try sausage calzones, loaded with Papa George’s Italian sausage. These and other recipes that are sure to be a hit can be found at www.papageorges.com.

Not only can Papa George’s pork sausages be used in a wide range of recipes, they are available in regular, sage, hot, Italian and maple flavors. So add one of these versatile performers to your recipes and see what it does for your lineup.