Papa-Georges-All-Natural-Reduced-Fat-Pork-Sausage-RollsFood demonstrations in grocery stores have allowed consumer tasting to boost product sales by showcasing new or updated products. While this is true in most instances, there seems to be a myriad of memories and recipe ideas that participants of Papa George’s pork sausage cooking events experience at the spur of the moment… such as “This tastes like what grandpa used to make” or “I am going to make mom’s recipe” or “It reminds me of Christmas mornings”. This is the true mission of Papa George’s all natural reduced fat sausage demos… give the consumers the tool and let them freely use it!

If you experience the cooking of Papa George Pork Sausage, you will agree that a fatty smell is not prevalent at all. Aromas of the cooked sausage drive people’s imagination and associates with their most buried and pleasurable memories. For instance, there is the experience of

  • a smooth Sage that reminds you of a quiet morning breakfast,
  • spices from the Regular and Hot flavors that always make your mouth water,
  • liquorish fennel aroma for the Italian flavor that is so crucial to pizza or lasagna dishes, and
  • maple aroma that would gently wake you on a cold winter morning and sweeten the air.

Just smelling Papa George’s Pork Sausage being cooked will evoke a feeling of comfort and warmth… or even nostalgia across many cultures and nationalities. Papa George’s reduced fat all natural sausage rolls are said to lure the Sirens on to Ulysses’ boats!

Wait! One more thing. Papa George’s demonstrators always make instant friends!

Papa George’s… Healthy Enjoyable Eating As a Way of Life.