Healthy Family MealWhen you sit down and think about what you did today, often times it is a blur because of how busy you are. For others, preparing meals for your family may be the highlight of your day. When developing our all natural products, the team at Papa George’s wanted to focus on providing our customers with healthy food options regardless of the pace of their lifestyle. Through hard work and dedication, we are able to get rid of unnecessary characteristics like preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial flavors, and create premium quality products that are great on the go or for a sit-down dinner.

Reduced Fat Pork

As a family business, we take our health and the health of our customers very seriously. Too many food products on the market mislead you into thinking that they are healthy options. At Papa George’s, we can prove that our pork products are all natural and a better option than our competitors. In fact, our delicious, reduced fat sausage has 55% less fat than U.S.D.A. data has found for regular sausage. Additionally, there is no MSG, preservatives and our pork is even gluten free! Choose between one of our 5 all natural sausage flavors including regular, sage, hot, maple or italian to whip up one of your favorite recipes at home!

Lean Lamb

If you prefer the taste of lamb over pork when it comes to making meals for your family, Papa George’s still has you covered! Try our 85% lean lamb that contains no added salt or spices. We quickly freeze our lamb to help keep the natural flavors around for our customers. Consider our premium quality lamb for burgers, stuffing, meatloaf, or any of your family recipes that have been passed down.

Meals on the Go

For those families that are constantly on the go, figuring out meals for the day can be extremely stressful. If you don’t even know where you’ll be during the dinner hours, how are you expected to cook? Well, thanks to our team at Papa George’s, we offer healthy on the go alternatives to fast food. Quickly fix your children lamb or chicken gyros that they can eat on their way to practice. Hand your spouse a fully cooked scrambled egg patty as they walk out of the door for work.

Food is a very important part of everyday life. Whether you enjoy cooking meals for your family or you simply don’t have the time, Papa George’s is here to make your meal plans a little less stressful! To try our healthy pork, lamb or on the go premium quality options, browse our website or stop by your local Hy-Vee and Cub stores.