All natural pork sausageA large-scale frozen food recall involving hundreds of products sold in a wide range of stores across all 50 United States, Canada and Mexico, has once again brought the issue of food safety to the forefront. While there are safety protocols in place and government regulations developed to keep our food supply safe and abundant, unintentional contaminations do still occur.

As a small manufacturer, Papa George’s takes great care to ensure all proper food safety protocol are met and government regulations and inspections are followed closely. Not only is it our intention to provide you with the tastiest, healthiest products available, but food safety is paramount.

Whether it is our all-natural, preservatives free, MSG free, reduced fat pork sausage rolls, gyro kits, gyro meat patties, egg patties or cucumber sauce, all of our food products are minimally processed to exacting standards. Because we eat these products ourselves, we take every precaution and go the extra mile to make sure you have nothing but the most positive eating experience.

So next time you pass our displays in Cub Foods, HyVee or one of the dozens of other retail outlets that carry our items (Central U.S. States, South America), you can know that we’ve taken every step possible to keep our products safe as well as tasty.